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For expert and reliable heavy-duty truck repair services in North Charleston, SC, trust General Diesel to keep your heavy-duty trucks safe and compliant. From exhaust & HVAC system repairs, to transmissions & diesel engines, at General Diesel our mechanic team will get your truck fixed the right way. Get in touch with us today to schedule the truck repair services you require! 

Is It OK To Go Over Oil Change Mileage?

Exceeding recommended oil change intervals can lead to accelerated engine wear and diminished performance. Regular oil changes are crucial for engine health. Delaying oil changes can also result in the buildup of harmful contaminants and sludge in the engine, further risking damage to engine components and potentially leading to costly repairs.

What Causes AC To Burn Out?

AC burnout in trucks can be caused by low refrigerant levels, electrical issues, or compressor failure, often due to lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear. Additionally, AC systems can burn out due to blocked air filters or leaks in the system, making regular inspections and servicing vital to ensure efficient and reliable cooling performance.

How Often Do Trucks Lose Their Brakes?

Loss of brakes in trucks is not a common occurrence but can happen due to severe wear or lack of maintenance. Regular inspections and maintenance of the brake system, including drums, shoes, s-cam, and push rod efficiency are essential to prevent such situations. Safe driving practices also reduce the risk of brake failure.

What Does A Full Diagnostic Test Consist Of?

A full diagnostic test on a heavy-duty truck involves a comprehensive check of the engine, transmission, exhaust system, and electrical components. It uses advanced diagnostic tools to read fault codes and assess the condition of various systems. This process identifies any underlying issues, ensuring timely and accurate repairs.

What Is The Best Way To Unclog A DPF?

The best way to unclog a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is through a process called forced regeneration. This involves increasing the exhaust temperature to burn off the accumulated soot. For severe clogs, professional cleaning or replacement may be necessary to restore proper function.

How Do You Silence An Exhaust Leak?

To silence an exhaust leak, first, locate the source of the leak. Temporary fixes include using exhaust tape or sealants, but these are not long-term solutions. The most effective way is to repair or replace the damaged section of the exhaust system, ensuring a safe and quiet operation.

Trusted Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Services

For reliable heavy-duty truck repair services in North Charleston, SC, get in touch with General Diesel today to keep your trucks safe and compliant. Whether it's advanced troubleshooting, intricate wiring repairs, or system upgrades, General Diesel’s mechanics bring precision and expertise to every task. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.

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